Some of the personal projects I work on in my spare time:

    • Sleep Tracker - Track your baby's sleep. Built for iOS, Android, and desktop. Data is synchronized across all platforms.
    • Internet Usage Monitor - Track bandwidth usage for rental property.
    • Twiiter to RSS - Read your twitter feed in your favorite RSS reader. Complete with shortened link expanders and embedded photos from foursquare, yfrog, and others.
    • Tennis Practice Scheduler - Email reminders, court scheduling, team contacts, and more.
    • Honeymoon Funder - Request less traditional gifts from your friends and family with a shopping cart for your honeymoon.
    • Web RSVP - Save on stamps by letting your guests RSVP on the internet
    • Statement Vault - Collect electronic statements from the bank, power company, and credit cards.
    • Smartbill - Simple tracking and billing program for private practice businesses like psychotherapy.